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I’m very sad that this young man is

Eid moments but alone


spend Eid moments with family

gathering and watching with family

growing a sense of happiness don’t miss

this exciting moment by watching

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh and come back with

me Alvin Which is definitely on channel is

easy to tag and copy on my left side, I

was born sadly, slime. This is

a Smart TV from the SPC band, SPC

S3 4343. It describes the

screen size or Caesar Ernest screen. The salary is

really big and I am confused. How to

shoot but thank God my table fits.

So why Unfortunately, racing TV

, we’re about to enter the month of Ramadhan, eh, we

want to enter the victory day,

right, so it’s really suitable to buy a big TV

, right, the family will gather together, the

problem is buying it yourself, okay, enough

here, I want to review or

buzz, right, Smart TV drive c it’s the sbcs t43. Now, let’s

just talk about the

advantages or lack of

color accuracy, it’s been a long time coming, so

let’s talk about it right away. Smartfren

SPC sd43 SPC itself is a

local brand with a very wide range of




CCTV smartphones even

come back to the attendance machine for

this t43 species product. The packaging intends to break the

box. Full printing does not use Indomie cardboard,

so it looks more premium. The

stuffing in the purchase package is like this, the TV

has a power cable, and then there is a pair of

stands that use plastic material and the

smell continues remote with two

travel agent batteries and finally there is a

usergrid and a warranty card that

guarantees a total of 10 years. Widih’s

warranty includes 1 year of product warranty and

nine years of good service guarantee.

Local brands give a

guarantee. Let’s discuss the design starting from

the front side or the screen. first according to the

name of the product, namely SPC s inpad three

screen sizes this TV is 43 inches wide there are

three options for this Smart TV product from

SBC there is sd32x t43 and sc-50 for sd43

it has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080P

combed thrived with a

classic ratio of 16 to 9 channels

used is p0pi which has a contrast of

1 in 3000 with a maximum

brightness on 230 net and has

0-100 78° for a fairly thin frame, the

church gives the impression of a frameless design.

If on the back side there is a Vesa Mount

measuring 200 by 200 mm to place the

TV on the wall,

a plug or op0 yes, there is one on the

left, namely for power, if on the right it is

quite crowded, starting from the top, there are two

USB ports below it, there is a cord. For the

antenna, there are three HDMI display ports,

down again, to the bottom, there is an RC port for the

worldly Dion boat.

optical and rj45 Lan port

for connection, about the specifications,

this three st4 SPC uses a chipset from arm

white core with a clock speed of 1.1

GHz, its own RAM is 1 GB and Y8

GB stored The default operation system is Android TV

version 9 and can be upgraded to Android

TV version 11 for a maximum power consumption

of only 90watts with standby

power consumption of less than 5 What SPC

had three stereo speakers

from Dolby Digital Plus with twice the power of

8 wap, for example, felt still lacking

audio, you can use

external speakers, whether it’s a sound bar or

active speakers via cable or via

bluetooth for the remote.





svcs Simpati

ga, apart from being used for digital TV using

a regular antenna, it can also be used as

an Android TV-based smartfm by connecting

this TV to the internet, you can use wireless

and you can also use a LAN Bridge cable. Now, when you

become a Smart TV, you can use thousands of

applications that can be downloaded via

Google. Play Store some games that

support Android TV too can’t be played

on this TV, if you want to use it for

Converse calls, you can plug in a webcam and

open the Google Duo TV application. You can also

screen mirror

your cellphone or laptop screen via chromecast, let me

be a secondary monitor in setup-easy.

You can also guess what the

quality is We have tested the vocals

using the Spider excelite tool, the results are

as follows, from the color gamut data

, the NTSC Angga is quite small, only

raised to 71 percent, it doesn’t really

matter because it’s a Smart TV.



netflix or

other streaming applications which in

fact use big standardization for the

color gamut now on this TV channel is

quite high, touching 99% it’s crazy, go

on to the brightness contrast

and white points, it turns out that it gets

a fairly high number at 263 nits,

surpassing the SBC calendar, which he said was only

230 net but the contrast is a bit low,

I only get disc 1 Compared to 2120, if

the white points are a bit lacking, the

break deviates far from the target, 6500

Kelvin, you get 10200 to

11,400 Kelvin, the white is so blue,

bro, continue discussing this time for the MV,

this TV channel is quite good for

uniformity in color, the neatest area is in the

lower left corner and the most

deviant is the area in the middle here

but the numbers are not bad, it’s around

six Delta, and for Kyuhyun, the

information is quite neat, the difference in

the dark area is only 13

percent, so for heat the accuracy is

still a bit lacking if you use

this TV as an average productivity monitor

. The average is almost seven Delta e-nanos,

as usual, we try to re-calibrate to

get maximum performance from

this pltv, the data on the mouth family only

increases by 1%, for encryption, continue

to the brightness section, it increases by four meets,

so 267 nights, if the contract is

high enough, the increase is 1 to 1

2430 gokil white points are also a bit

better b re for the calorie uniformity, the

difference is also neater, the most distant difference is

only 4glte, the luminous uniform is

also improving, the difference in

light and dark is getting thinner to 10% and

lastly, if the accuracy is

also improving, the average is

about five Deltas Okay bro, that’s the

review or My review regarding

this fbc Smart TV is the spcs t43 and

now let’s just talk about the

conclusion and also the price about this

smarttv SPC, the first bra regarding the

price, of course if we look at the

price of 3.6 million, it actually competes

with others, though, indeed the

resolution still full set sad but

for fbc this offers

a best choice where is missing gives

a 10 year warranty try 10 years 93

I have had two children so 10

years as a guarantee I have

1 year full service warranty but

if for example you are there why- Why is it that

for 10 years, the service fee for the

rice is borne by HSBC Kala For

partners who are damaged, yes, you only pay for

parking, but the service costs are

borne by them for 10 years,

that’s interesting from SPC, but here

‘s my conclusion, actually 43in.




in its price class

, this SPC 143 will be very interesting, because the

dive revolution can be more elongated or so the

details released by

The Definitive can be very good and if

we talk about

color accuracy, actually for your family,

this is good in the original content, but for

MTV- it’s still lacking, for

the tv content, it’s still lacking and

actually for the heat accuracy, it’s

not too bad, it’s still

under six Delta X, so it’s still

OK to accept it and here’s

what we pay most attention to if we

look at the results of the data that has been done. Let’s

test the point, it’s still above 6500 Kelvin,

yes, that’s Yasi’s wettpoint n no

help. That’s a feature of SPC 143 looks like

it’s quite complete, yes, they do have

a Smart TV using the

Android Smartfren operating system as well and

the features, for example, if we

watch wireless from a laptop or from a

computer using chromecast, so we

watch it without cables again

Then for the remote, it’s also a good assistant invoice

, so we don’t need

friends or anything, right? Then

if you’re from a cellphone, for example, if you’re

using Android or iOS, you can also

use princess, but you have to open YouTube instead, it’s an


Android TV system, coy and he if the Android TV has a

lot of graves, we can watch

whatever we want, right, we can

download the application as well as this TV entry,

so the features for that do

n’t really need to be asked again.


Yes, the

lack of resolution was just

like that, so this Smart TV will be

very useful if you are together again

family, right, it’s crowded. Especially at the

moment of Eid or this Ramadhan moment,

we watch together with family, right, we’re

already in touch with each other, right?

Watching TV with 43i is really

big, it’s really big, so that’s about the cost of a

review or review from me about

smarttv What do you think about this SPC 143,

do you think Net TV is worth buying

, I was just making it a gift for your

future in-laws or a gift for

your future wife. Eh, try to write it in the

comments column, because I’m still

single, right, Lex this video, if

you can, if I it’s worse than

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