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assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh good and come back

with me Alfian For sure on the

kedetect channel and yes we are still at the

moment of Ramadan or the moment of the fasting month

and this time I will review a

monitor from awc but this is different, good,

different, how is usually a monitor review tool

The cropped ones, you know,

the curved ones, how about that, and

this time I’m reviewing the frequency,

because I personally think this is my personal


preference, personally, bye gymnasium.


If you’re

editing, sir, it

looks better when you color it in.

Moreover, this monitor has a

detailed IPS panel.

I usually use the cover for playing games because the

files are wider, lol and yep, this

is a monitor from OCD, that’s okay q32 g3s

Mbah gaming monitor series is the skirt that

we will review because it’s 32 inches so it’s

really big Sir,

how many times have I reviewed it, yes, 32 inches, twice,

three times, this time, and it’s

flat. Yesterday I reviewed

all of the Clubs, yes, sir, so let’s just

discuss or review the monitor from

OK, that’s OK, q32 g3f here, let’s go

The packaging, as usual, breaks full

printing to make it more luxurious, so it

looks like the purchase package has a monitor unit,

there is a stand with the boss,

other cable adapters as well. Starting from

the power cable, the display port cable and the

rest, there is warranty card paper and

the manual is shared about the design, it’s not much

different Yes, with other j-trust

as an example, we compare it with the cq32

e3z which we reviewed a

while ago, the bezelless on the sides is the same as

the top side If the bottom side has

a fairly thick bezel, there is an

Ahok branding in the middle and there is

a red line that doesn’t blend together

the bottom right side of the os button also

doesn’t change, still using

classic buttons without a

joystick k moved to the back side, looks

minimalist with a typical

jittery service design Ok there is a black Dove mix

with red trim which also functions

as a heat dissipator the ports are neat,

all facing downwards, not too

many portions, there is only a portal alone

on the right I think there is a bio portal for

display for than 2 HDMI ports for fun

and the bass is still exactly the same as

yesterday’s cq32 3z political guild PIN

both use metal wrapped in

plastic Solid with black and

red finishing there is a hole for wiring route

with the best red finish or the legs

are still in use fullmetal, which

has six rubber feet below it,

for ergonomics, it is quite spacious, yes it can

go up and down or Jasman’s right up to 13 cm, you

can swivel right and left up to 30° B, it’s

also salting, the piltdown is 5° and the

inflatable is 23°.

if you want it to be complete, just

replace it with a paint partition

because it already exists vs Amon 100 times 100

mm, the problem is that the screen has a size Ran 31.5

inches with that resolution Key or fb quotes.

At 2560 times 1440 it’s short because of

its large size, it should be

very easy for you to get permission from your mother to

buy this monitor, just say I want to

make it a TV for email using IPS family and it’s

definitely great really

for competitive gaming because it has a refreshed 165

Heart with a glossy paint response of one

millisecond JPG In addition there is a

bucket feature or motion graduation which has

20 levels, we will give some

comparisons of mbr settings using UFO test

the mbr feature, you can set it via

hosting, buy from 0-20 improve

from some of the results of the motion

blur reduction or MPR testing, it can be seen

that on the R15 and MPR 2002, November is

the best, only the shadow behind the

ufo can still be seen at a glance, but the

imagination in front of the end is already clean,

besides being used for gaming,

this monitor screen can also be relied on for

productivity. because there is a Head BRT feature

then Bigland has a srgb color gamut at

99% and ud ah, factory calibrated with

clamps, color accuracy is below two Delta

x okay processed, my review is very good

about the monitor Okay this is OK

q32 g3s a monitor with a sukei resolution of

40 40 phi on a screen size of 32 inches and

it’s flat not crackers and now we’re

going to test the monitor This is using the

Spider Excelite tool that we bought. Yes

, that’s how it is, let’s just play, if the datacolor gambus is

on the monitor, if it’s okay, it

doesn’t work, then for the promo material

in the qu-32 G3s series, our test results are

exactly the same as their clients at

99% srgi. big for the fitri number, it’s pretty

high 80%, only the Edo parji number is

n’t high enough, the book is just 3% effective, then the

buzz is brightness contrast and

other whites. This monitor has a maximum

brightness of d229, it’s just slightly different from the

clan, okay, it’s 250 nits, the contrast is also

good for the Phelps size. 1 in

180 Now if the white points are quite

deviated from the target of around

6100 to 7100 Kelvin, we will continue to discuss

calorie uniformity at the brig htness 100% the

area of the upper left corner is the most uniform in color

but the right area of the panel is not very ne

t because the numbers jump to poi

t seven Delta X for university

uminance at 100% brightness. This monito

channel is pretty good, the brighte

t area is in the middle, you get 208 it’

and the left is

the darkest area. The difference is only 10%.

Because in this area you can only get, so if the accuracy

is again, LC proves the claim

for this product, bro because it gets a number of

1.25 Delta Edom and it’s big we will

re-calibrate the

aoc cq32 getty monitor now and we will see

using the spider excelite tool that i

have and the data loses gabut there is a

slight increase in yadi idoarjo p&n

tension, each of which increases by one

percent from the condition before being calibrated.

As for brightness contrast and

the white point goes up and down. The

breakfast pik goes up by two points to 231

meets but in contrast there is a decrease

from sa That compares 1180 to 1 in

140 while the webpoints are getting

closer to the target of 6500 kelvin from the

beginning 6900n Kelvin to 6600n Kelvin, continuing

to the calorie uniformity,

again in the right area of the audie


ce. Delta X

while the illuminate uniformity panel

improves with a difference in brightness of

only eight percent, so for the

heat accuracy, the free eye has been

recalibrated to a number of 0.72 Delta

e&i to DB We have already discussed about the

heat accuracy color gamut calorie

uniformity a&w point brightness control

all kinds of things with our brand,

just go to the conclusion and in terms of the

price and for the price of

this AOC CQ32 G3S monitor, for the price raised to

5.8 million 5.8 million, we already got a

monitor with that resolution, cheese screen

size 32 Iceflight and already using the panel

IPS and after we look at it for

testing heat accuracy and

so on, this monitor is really good

It’s really good for editing, isn’t it, 32 inches is

really good as long as it gives and intact if the

accuracy is below one Delta,

it’s really low, dude, it’s

really good for editing. The white points

don’t turn blue, they don’t turn yellow. So

it’s good for 6600 Kelvin

How to edit and experience the

game itself, because this is

the second one, 165 worth it.

This experience is really good, but in

my personal experience, using a 32-inch monitor

, I can’t enjoy a 32-inch monitor

for playing Valoran games or

Facebook is so wide, you

can’t focus except you. play the

kefir racing game, zenpad puzzle, masato,

play the Triple Eight game, play open-world games

like for example Far Cry 5 cyberpunk 2077

or what kind of game is fighting like that.




Well, this 32-inch monitor is

really good because the film is wide and

in Padang we are too, right? It’s just like broad

, I say and for his interest or

lack of it he always monitors the AOC

gaming series G, he’s still using the

button yet. Use the joystick for the Supreme series,

don’t use it and also

for the headgear V, it’s actually just a

gimmick, old man, because it’s so

minimal For CBR content it’s over 300 nights,

so I haven’t gotten 310 yet, that

‘s all the count, and the price is

complete, there’s only one

minus, which is the vertical, so to

accompany that, just my review

about this method, that’s okay q32 g3s What do

you think you guys try to know

the Cefco comment column, read your comments

, complete diesel electronics, if

I’m bad, I forgot to shop for

the red script center. For example, if

you haven’t subscribed to this channel,

say thank you, see you in

another video, Dadah warahmatullahi


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