Mini PC From STB!!! The OS is running smoothly _ Armbian Linux 21.08

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum
warohmatullohi wabarokatuh welcome

again to the HIV channel or not
here there is already an STB hg680 P and for this

video tutorial I will
install this hg680p FTP with

arbian Linux I will use
the latest version of arbian Linux

and this is arbian Linux version
21.08 for this version reportedly It’s already

lighter running on STB hg680
later, we’ll see, friend. Is

it lighter because it’s my
first time trying arbian,

they installed it on STB hg680, okay
, friends. What’s the way to install it,

please friends watch this video
from start to finish Don’t forget to

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Okay friends, let’s continue for the
tools and materials that need to be prepared

, friends, the first is of course elementary school
Hi or micro SD or friends for the

micro SD because this arbian 21.08
has a large size which is about

4gig friends, if you
extract 4 gigabytes, so friends, you

can use an SD card with a minimum size
of 8 GB, yes and try to empty it. If

you have data here, please
backup it first. If the data is

important, then for the second material, it
is This is a rooted hg680p STB

, friends,
how to root as usual, it’s

very easy here, just a lot, just
flash it using freeware

that I have provided on my channel
, friends, look for it for the

method too it’s complete here, how to
flash the hg680 STB, for the next

we use the Acer balena, this is the
software that we will use later to

install Ardian Linux into this SD card
for arbian, I usually only install it

in the SDK, I don’t install it on the MMC STD
because for the effectiveness of use

FTP, so when I remove the SD card,
the STB hg680 party can return

to the Android operating system like
that, my friends use

b alnazzar maybe friends
using rufus can also yes, it’s the same,

friends Okay, now let’s just start
to flash it, or install it on the SD

card, friends, I’ll insert the
sd card into my PC first , OK, I

‘m on to this only this volume
to sd card my 32 GB yes

then here friends cliques
flash profile yes Now we find that this

Arbian 21:08 later friends who
want to download I included the link in

the description yes has been entered yes here
seen the numbers or the size of the

armian 21.08, the size is 4.9 7 GB
then Lex target then click select

then we click flash
ok now this has started

flashing or installing arbian on my SD
card to save time the

video I’ll just skip it Okay friends
flashing process it’s finished,

let’s just close it now, if it doesn’t seem
like you can just cancel it, let’s

take it out first for the sd card and then
insert it again, usually like

this, you can see it here,
hi na It’s weird, you’ll see how many GBs there

are now, here are 2 4GB that are not
allocated, but let’s not

mess with it, let’s see, now, this
is for the contents of our SD card which was

already flashed with arbian lenong,
we configure it first if necessary

What is configured is usually on XT Linux
, yes, for this arrival, use the

1905 X, the P212 one, my friends. Yes , if you have
two USBs, they will all turn on

, if there is only one spam,
I think. Well, let’s see. Try X

Linux, usually the configuration is here. So,
let’s check it, it’s been automatically

configured, now,
the hash mark has been removed, meaning

this fdt will be executed when
we execute Linux on the STB hg680 OK,

that means we don’t need to configure
again, I think this is

Hi, here, oh, this has been replaced, MMC
This has been replaced by the way we copied earlier

with the BTP that we use at Excelindo,
now, this one, FDT. This one, now

, copy it from here, then paste it
there, friends. i Put that this

hi okay yes it is yes then click save nah
like okay we try to live yes

to his Linux in SCP hg680p ya
friends to Arbian Linux can already

be Wifi directly connected but in
the black ass is now black er

kan there’s a white one Now for this the WiFi
as usual applies to the black scp-682

up automatically, the wifi automatically
turns on Okay, let’s try it right away , I have

turned on the STB hg680 and the initial display
or the freeware I use is

this one Then for the sd card, it’s
already I put it in the slot, we look for

Terminal Emulator, if primary,
friends, don’t bring Terminal

Emulator, sometimes there is also, yes, it’s
not accompanied by Terminal Emulator

, friends, download it yourself,
then install it yourself.

Terminal Emulator OK, let’s open Terminal
Emulator then here we are typing


noisier office yes
Oh yes we wait for the

okay has been completed for its configuration
remains to be seen here Tell filling

root fitting the sword, yes, friends, so
this was a long time, so if you

want to flash this,
then run it patiently, because

it took about
five minutes, friends. Now,

let’s configure the password first, it’s
up to you, friends. ya later

please fill itself yes repeat
password we repeat again that earlier

Hai Okay cus default commercial system
I choose number one then his name

is written friends Well autodidact
means we equate with a password

that had
Hi please profile Okay dah stay we

saw no starting desktop environmental
look like what it looks okay

our friends already on the desktop
enviroment of armbian Linux 21:08 and

indeed it seems more calm so
than ever before

friends take a look ahead to
wifinya friends well this wifinya

connect directly to this point
it’s detected right away, it’s like we’re trying to

connect, OK, friends, the
wifi has been locked right away neksi

here well this is yes then we check the sound
to keep its Internet here we use

the Firefox web browser first try we
got YouTube yes

Hi well here ya life we go to
my channel it self-taught

Hai Keh’s try this one for
audio can be It goes straight out,

friends, as long as you
use the HDMI one. The HDMI plug

is right. Now, please, friends,
to use it. Oh, yes, this is for

YouTube. Usually, in the previous
version , it’s a bit laggy, friends,

but it’s smooth, it’s pretty good. this is
friends, it means that YouTube here

has a picture that is not broken,
if the previous version is for

playing YouTube, this is usually
what the picture looks like, yes, it’s not as smooth as

this, yes, it’s not as smooth, friends
, it’s pretty good or yes. Now this is

for Ardian’s version
21.08 this has experienced

a significant increase, friends, yes, it’s
pretty good, there are no

green lines on the left and right, here on FB,
there is a right and left line m here the

monitor limit is like green, now it’s
against software updates. Do you want to

install colonize
a short, that’s all, friends, for this

video, try the latest arbian
Linux 21.08 which is faster,

looks like this istp hg680p,
thanks friends -friends, you have watched this video

from the beginning to the end, don’t forget to
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bell so you can get
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ideal channel, no thanks
wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh see you in the next


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