Mining On STB B860h

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome

again to the idea channel or not
here there is already a b860h STB, version

1, friends, which I installed
in the previous video with arbian Linux

version 21.08 for friends who want to see
just click this video Headlines

how to install Linux on STB b860h and
for video this time we will use

again STB b860h version 1 yes
using a RAM of 1 giga and this will I

use for a player reneges and no
use xmrig what do

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OK friends, let’s continue again
for b860h version one This is while

I’m using the arbian Linux 20.10
my friends what is

21.08 because when I tried it earlier for
mining to open swallows and for other

configurations it was a bit slow and
also often it hangs, friends, so

I downgraded the version to 20.10. It’s
pretty smooth, friends, even though it’s

not as smooth as version 2. My advice
if you want to run

arbian Linux, just use the b860h
version 2 which has 2 Giga RAM

, friends, it’s more smooth Yes, if
this really tests our patience

for friends who want to download get the
skirt 20.10 later, you can

scroll down, the video is here,
install it under Linux 20.10, just

download it there, friends, just choose
what you want to use using fossa vocals

or Bionic or bull’s-eye watching this on
my Linux , yes, I’ve used

DX ubuntu-mate Core, let’s see Neo feat.
Hi, here, Ardian, I’m using

Bionic fever 20.10, then
for this Xfce uses a

simple one so minimal installation this
is nothing for the installation

, friends, at least the
internet is not available, I

installed it myself like that, friends
, so it’s a bit easy Okay friends ment

to mining this time we will try
mainin coins Kardono yes with b860h

versi1 script is I made ya
here I’ll just copy and paste

the lid was yes friends ya Well if
not shut it often hangs

friends yes if you have version 1
these friends must be patient so

instead of 11 Never once if
at the same time he’ll errors tons

advised ram was only 1 Giga well here
to open chromium just dah severity of

friends so we open the first waletnya
I use Wallet indodax there

Kardono his Yes, please, maybe later,
maybe you can use Indodak or maybe

swallow friends who support
cardanol. Incidentally, I used Indodak.

The Sign in first, now this is for
Indodax, it’s already opened, it’s not

enough to test your patience, friends
, you have to be really patient Be patient,

and have to be one at a
time, maybe open it at the same time if you use Indodax

, because it’s live, so it keeps
updating if we open another tab,

this will be an error, friends.
Next friend , let’s look for Kardono coins

. Well, there’s a price class of 18150.
Like, let’s just try it. It takes a long time to

load. Yes, it’s clear, Sung, come here
, deposit and withdraw, to

find out our Cardano Swallow. Now,
it’s starting to open. The graph here

looks like Kardono is going up. Here
, friends, let’s open our swallow

, the address is holed kardono.
Hi, here, yes. Here, accept kardono, here

for Jaya’s address, we click copy like
copy. Then we paste it here, now

, to reduce STB performance, we have to
be one by one like this, friends friends

, don’t add another tab. Then
just close this for Indodak,

friends. Now, if it’s there, the
other one, Indodax, is closed because

we have copied and pasted the swallow kardono,
then I want to use full and

minebuild, we’ll look for kardono there or
karr danoya then If it’s like

this here Click on random except you, yes,
this is for the server address, it will be clicked

automatically, it will copy and then paste
it here too t friends, yes,

like that, then we open xmrig
and then friends. Click on the

wizard new configuration then
ethpool custom full, friends,

please, here the host is House, now
this one is from here to here

because of the port is written there
is copied here then swallow us that

this swallow in indodax it copied and then
we paste here

Oh yes if you’ve Direct we ethpool
Okay already deadbolt then the next

fekensi yes we use a CPU
cheeks unchecked did not want ora ono PCL

or horse chord Then the mess is now, just
download one percent,

then Resort is the result. Now, here’s the
result, friends. Yes, for this

script , we copy and paste it

hey, okay, okay. Then for the user
here, just write the coin code, the cryptocarensi

code is there colon, then
behind it. We write down the workers

, friends, for example, stb-1, yes
, save it, okay, now. This means that

our preparations are complete. Yes, now
we just have to install it, friends, we

have to do these 11 first, because I
‘m afraid that it will hang, my friends, or an

error. Later, this usually sucks
, friends. Okay, if it’s like

this, if only friends , then
if it’s all, then we open

Terminal Emulator
for the commands of his stay we

enter yes sudo apt-get update
we update first and then upgrade

later we just install xmrig her
copy and paste here ya Update was yes

hi okay
okay This is actually my updates

earlier in the beginning yes just a little something for
practice Then upgraded

Hey, paste it,

that’s all wired, friends
, later friends, if you haven’t

upgraded, the process will take longer
, then install essentials,

watch this pop clip so that the smirk can be
used, paste it here then enter

okay, it’s done, friends, for the
essential build, then let’s go to

the next step, Git clone kit, HP,
paste it here and then enter

okay se he continued, the next step did not
create the xmrig directory Yes, yes, it will

automatically create the xmrig directory and
also enter the eccentric folder Hi,

yes, this has been created, yes. You can check
here, friends in the file manager in

the home section of Idol, no this or
this friend already has xmrig then

we make paste enter OK OK, let’s wait
it’s finished, it looks like see this,

then don’t paste the
next, make paste then enter OK, OK,

now this takes a long time,
OK, so it’s going to be 100%, try it

during this process. Don’t do
other processes, for example friends,

browsing or something else because this
will usually make your friend’s cellphone

or freeze OK, friends, the process
is complete, the next step is to

enter this, friends, this
eccentric configuration script is missing

one step earlier, friends,
please download the script

later in the description field so here we
use it wrote nano konfiks

Hai hai
Jeson Well you can use nano-n ano, this is to

run like any other notepad, the point is
like that, yes, then we can use fim,

we run, yes, yes or
no. Well, here we have, paste

what we made earlier, yes, yes,
like that, then save it

, friends, caca relex Y or Y and
enter okay, now it’s saved

friends, then we just have to
run the xmrig, friends, friends, you

have to get into a wrinkle, so
use sudo sudo dot

The Flash xmrig
Hi, enter okay, it’s already

running, try it or not, it’s like that yes
twin yes friends yes for

this process does not directly own or
a friend yes indirectly could

mine it needs to wait
a few minutes or perhaps hours

yes friends Ya like
friends yes picture for mining

STB b860h version of this one can be
friends but in its configuration

can ya need patience yeah okay
friends thank you yes already watching

this video from start to finish Do not
forget to like and subscribe share

include lonce I wish that friends
could get notifications when there is a new

video from the ideal channel, no thanks
, friends, wassalamu’alaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, see you
again in the next video


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