Monitor Everything, 200Hz Curved How can it be CHEAP! – AOC CG30G3Z Monitor Review

how to calculate

volume Come back with me offline

What’s for sure on the coup channel and

soon we will enter the

month of Ramadhan or fasting month, coy Which is

really tiring for me because I have to

talk in front of the camera, but I

still have to fast, and in this video

this time second time, sorry, reviewing

a monitor from Autec.

Yesterday, I really needed it,

so I bought it and it was Ok 24 V

2q. Muna has a screen size of 24 inches which

is really standard to use and

this time we have a monitor

from OK, that’s okay The CPU is orderly z3z

which has a screen size of 30 inches but it’s

Ultra white or wide. Coy and

after I saw it in the file or in the

brochure they gave a motorcycle taxi, they

claimed that for heat the

accuracy was below the 2D althaeae number

and also for his wife it was raised to 99%.

The claim from Aceh for the monitor

that we will be reviewing is the

tz3 C out cuter, this is really something else. Let’s go straight


let’s go, let’s go, the packaging is full

printing. Cuy I use Indomie cardboard,

so it looks more luxurious, if the contents of

the purchase package include a monitor unit,

there is a spensama bus, there is also

mundane wiring, starting from the

power cable, the display port cable, which is already input

and also the USB to USB cable, the rest has

a warranty card and a user

manual. Let’s discuss the monitor unit from

the front side. First, it breaks, it looks like

a modern gaming monitor, which has

thin bezels on both sides and

on the bottom bezel there is a logout fb right

in the middle. there is a

small detail in the form of a red list extending from

both sides of this monitor which stops in the

middle at the bottom right, there are

some osd embossed which unfortunately are still

using the classic button like this, cuy haven’t used a

joystick like that.


first mode vs second artist and

there is racing and the rest is silent mode

one g ame2 and game three that we can

customize ourselves about the screen according

to the product name, namely the Aosi Cuter

TJ 3G screen, measuring 30 inches

with a sad white resolution of d2560 x 1080P

with an aspect ratio of 21 to 9

and has a curvature of

1500r channels. used

is v00vd which has a fairly

high contrast here it says 3000 to 1

with a maximum brightness of i300 meets

other specifications this layer has

a high refresh rate or 200 Hurts

with a very glossy response time

of 0.5 milliseconds mdrt moves to the lower side it

looks quite minimalist the

whole body is a black map

which is quite safe from fingerprint magnets on

the right and left there are red English details

which also in the heat dissipation area

in the middle there is an Autec inbox which

is big enough for Come on, the email is

facing the bottom of the bra on the right, there is a

portalhr alone, continue to on the left there is

an audio out jack port, one for

display port and two the HDMI port to the

left is slightly tilted, there is one

USB port and 2Fort USB as juice for crazy parties, the

placement is so much

easier. If we reach it with our hands, the problem

stands and the bass is really pretty. The

breakfast is made of plastic which

has iron in it and there are

red details so that In line with the design of the

monitor body, there is a hole for the

management cable which uses a red finish for the

bass. It has a fairly

minimalistic design, although it looks thin, but this is a full

metal break. It’s really bad.

Underneath, there are 6.6 perverts to maintain

grip. Of course, the ergonomics is

quite complete. up to 13 cm the

survival is very smooth right 30° to the

left also 30° can also tilt with

smooth pill up 23° Pills to 5° only

that can’t rocket bro or he

makes the monitor vertical it

can’t if it’s still not

ergonomically can copy it use but

stem because this monitor has vs. Amon

100 times 100 mm then we will do it not

testing using the Spider tool.

Takalar gabut the color coverage is

perfect between 100% but not

with the fitri, the break is quite far from

LC cream which says this monitor has

a Fitri number raised to 99% but in

testing we can only lift 90%

Fitri is not a fixed number bad, of course,

proceed to the brightness and contrast,

the written specifications have a

maximum brightness of 300 nights with a contrast of 3000

to 1 according to the p0p standard which is good

from our tests, the maximum brightness is

raised to 382 nights with a contrast of

2520 to 1, a good number in my opinion,

especially for the brightness, it goes to the

heat of accuracy ocdac glue if

this monitor has an accuracy below two

Delta e-tab Our test ID

can only be raised to 2.6 Delta X actually

this is a pretty good number Lex

considering the standard that good accuracy

is below 3D althaeae

then we calibrate this monitor

for there is no change in the mouth family data,

which means

the maximum capability of this monitor

continues to brightness and the contrast has

increased by two points to make the brightness

384bit while the contrast has also improved,

almost touching the figure of 2800 vs 1B,

which means that the p0v on this monitor is quite

classy if to clear the accuracy there is

an increase from the original 2.6 Delta

X is now getting better, 2.2 Delta

e-xam pir is approaching the clamps from aoc

and there is a review or review from

me regarding this autec monitor, namely the Ause Cuter Tej

‘s 3G and the full price,

after we saw the

price on the official store, they

cost That’s 4.8 million for a

30-inch screen size at SBY’s white fullset resolution

and actually, who is this monitor for?

Bro and after we

did the testing for this monitor and if we take the


color gamut accuracy as well as the brightness and

contrast of this monitor, it’s actually already

more than enough, yes. I mean, it’s

close to the claim from the output, so

I think it’s for k this Ultra white monitor or

have a wide screen This model can be

used for you to play games, for

example racing games because racing games

need a broad view with

curvature or a profit rate of 1500

at that time is really enough so the

email will be better So we do

n’t have to look far left

and right. That’s right and also from the numbers,

accuracy and heat are

really good for video editing, especially for

them, the contrast engine is perfect

for playing FPS games, for example Cesbo

and Valoran to increase the contrast

inside. the game and he actually

this monitor is suitable for anyone, it depends

on you whether you can play games

or edit non-Kung monitors

sometimes there are some people who

can’t or are not used to

my master’s monitor so he just uses the

train cuy Dania lacks

this motorbike actually yes

the buttons are very annoying

maybe if this monitor I’ve used a

joystick. It’s really cool and the

ergon is lacking in the vertical part.






which if for example this time

Thank you, see you in the month of

Ramadan while



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