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friends, back again on the channel after playing the Roblox game

again, friends. And here, I’m using a

map called Joko Tower,

friends, let’s start right away,


use graffiti oil. Oh, I’m not.

I have Roblox, yes,

I don’t have that much Roblox

. Now, we’re only in stage 1.

Now, let’s go through

the laser.

Now, what’s this, the question isn’t there,

it’s not the way. Now we

go round and round again and pass the


Hi and wait for the bridge. Yes,

we’re on stage 1, ok?

Hi I usually Lesti got to stage 3/2

, that’s why Joko

towers, what are these


okay, let’s copy level 2, yes,

there is writing, now there are

stages, OK, don’t fall, but

edge That was really like that, my friends.

Now, let’s go through



let’s go through the levels, let’s go through it. Now, here it is,

there are roundabouts



Now we’re at stage 3. Now for sure,

Clan is more. I pray this, yes

, first of all, there is a Pustu ladder. We

pass like chocolate, yes

, friends, maybe this and the eyes of hap3

are all brown. Now, we’re

going through lasers and bridges. Now go

round. It’s like crystal,

my friends in it.

Okay, now we

go through the boxes, maybe. Now,

we pass. What’s more, yes,

I understand, so let’s go Jasmine


until we finish stage 4, let

‘s continue.

Now, here is lokia chocolate,

friends Ok, friends, who likes


comment now, let’s

go through lashology. Wow, it’s just black

, technical brown, you can’t see it. It’s because it’s

on my screen, now we’re

going through balls again, and also our



Jasmine balls again, what is it,

I’m candy, it’s not

asking, isn’t it, is

n’t it,

OK, here is a

Hegner cone, that

usually makes us,


it’s behind the


there are poles here, yes, here we

understand the poles and oh, we almost fell,

we haven’t fallen, friends. Now

if we look at the race, we

haven’t fallen at all. Okay,

we’re going through the laser again.



me please Okay friends I’m back

to the fourth stage ok Now we’re

going through the balls again

Yes it


on all day Man don’t stop

okay it

looks like you’re falling 101 you guys are

real friends this is a brown friend

let’s try using a fast coil graffiti


this is better, okay,

this dead

and the

comedy almost fell Hey

Sangita Melati the balls


let’s use Gravity, you just try it,

oh no, I think we can go

straight up, friends,

OK, now let’s cross the


yes, we can be faster, yes,

this makes us

jump, do we

know Yasser, but there is blood here



yes, we are almost at the point where the corpses

are friends


okay, okay,

so that’s it,

OK, let’s go straight through the bridge with

the laser and oh,

bye straight here,

almost let’s go, this is the

celebrity coil.

Okay, we’ve crossed the stairs



Try it faster, let’s try it


OK, here we are, what kind of Jasmine is this? Oops, it’s

called a








let’s just make

it faster

that ye Okay


just come here

can you not

oh yes it’s real yes Invisible right through ok

OK we

go through the stairs again

like now we go through what do we have to

jump up

OK now we’re going to train


what’s going on in a minute Oh ok in a

moment it’s going to stage 6 okay do

n’t go straight through the boxes

Okay Let’s just hurry hurry hurry

yes dear hurry up eh



Nah now we’re at stage 6

ok friends, don’t forget to subscribe

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