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yesterday we ended with a review of the latest

cellphone from Oppo, namely the Oppo A7, six times,

we will discuss another

cellphone from the latest Oppo, namely the Oppo Seven

sheet-fed but we are different, I

mean, how do we have it

outdoors, so we bring our cellphones This Oppo rhinos

fzc goes to the HI roundabout from Bekasi,

flies to the HI roundabout, doesn’t take

public transportation, the mobile Legends technique to

test the camera from this Oppo Rhinos FZ

VJ, Give But before that, let’s

reply to this cellphone, isn’t it cool?

What really

grabs the attention of the

HP Oppo Rhinos FZ VJ is

that it usually uses a super thin Retro design language.

Seeing this makes me a little

nostalgic back in the 2010s but when I saw the

backdoor, I

immediately gave a heavy premium impression, especially

for the rainbow variant. The spectrum of

color gradations is very cool, no kidding,

if other colors have Cosmic Black,

then this backdoor is also claimed to know There are

scratches and also 100% anti-

fingerprint magnet, not even that much

around the camera module. There is something

called dual orbit like which will turn on

as a notification if for example there is a

phone there is WA or if it is charging,

if the screen is no less good,

this is a slope already using AMOLED to

pamper users, of course the

screen size is 6.4 3 inches pants hole

with full HD + resolution, unfortunately

here it only has a rivet at 60oc about the

chipset or the specifications, how do

you stay calm, this Indoseven zvc opor

already uses SPOK from Qualcomm


695 varies 60 meters, which of course

already support Fauzi, don’t miss

us, let’s be Smart too, opo Rino Seven

JVC, cuy, here we have a test using the

Jack Band 5 software 10 times, for the

single court, let’s see, this is

a very stable performance from start to

finish, even though it’s at the end He’s down a

little, yes and for and Syaiful

his sleep is a little messy here

early Em which is low but when you enter the

middle, it is quite consistent for the

performance of this Oppo Rino cv which

uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 but when

the last test in the US it went down again, it

broke if you guys heard that

mygram Trump from Oppo Rhino safety

has a capacity of eight GB of RAM which

can definitely be expanded by 15 GB again

if the internal storage is 128 GB

and can be exported using micro SD or 1

terabyte free, it’s crazy how about the battery, why do

you always give a

large enough battery capacity at 4500mah

for the Oppo rinosa printer, this

time we tested using Bismarck

The test battery took more than 18 hours, that’s

crazy, cuy it broke too

fast because I used the 33

What’s up protocol. Uh, it charges from one to one. Hi

100%, it only takes 85 minutes, wudhu.

Hush is tight, Ahmad and then we

‘ll discuss thoroughly about the camera,

Sihopo Rhino This safety is for the

rear camera, but the configuration of the three cameras

starts with the main lens g 64 megapixel resolution with

F 1.7 aperture below it

there is a 2 megapixel macro lens that can

take pictures of objects up to 4 cm away

and the third lens is at Plants 2

megapixels too cuy if the front camera has a

resolution of 16 megapixels instead of

f 2.4 the other has a myriad of

typical features of this Rino if if

I’m just theorizing I’m just giving the camera specs from

this cellphone, it’s really lacking now. What

I said earlier, let’s just

ask for opinions from the people around

how about the quality of this HP camera, this

is the Oppo Rhino safety.


Yes, so we want to test the camera

from the latest cellphone from Oppo, there are

several mainstay features from Oppo

Indonesia from Oppo for the camera.

For example, like Bokeh clear portrait,

okay, first we want to take a photo of the

father, yes, you can use

portrait mode. First, I take a photo

using the bokeh feature. portrait so later make it

Bokeh like there is a bad

background so it’s good that way h, it’s like


123 23





Here’s the result, Sis, this is the result

. The second one, this is the first, Sis.

What do you think,

all of you, are


the Cruz has a really good light.


indoseven zpg, namely bokef bother,

this feature really functions to

separate objects from the background

in a neat and natural way, so it doesn’t

look tacky, you know, then

add the her level cut-out feature to make the

difference between the object and the background even more accurate. The photo

bokef feature also

supports multi-object Brake so if you want to

take pictures of several people at once the results are

still accurate, usually the portrait feature is

only one person, but this can be

multi-object as long as the distance between the object

and the camera is not far, then

there is a phosphating retouching feature, this

can also optimize our portrait results

according to age and gender and ethnicity

based on the algorithm 8 on 373

points of our face and 0-z VJ . biopori

there is a selfie FBR feature that can adjust

the backlight so that the photo

will still show the background Or the

panorama behind the object is not

completely white because it’s still

mechlyfe If

[music] is

so our face becomes dark If this is

what it’s called Neutral

the next feature is a feature the power engine

can adjust our photos with

the desired color research, the way we just need to

find the photo that we want to imitate the

preset then select Hi, our newly

added palette OK, that’s it.




immediately their opinion regarding the quality of the

camera is that the Oppo Rhino safety cellphone is

good, but in my opinion, after I

saw the result, right, I also

want it to be accelerated, the most stable,

it’s a bokefull er feature, the portrait is

really really good, the

results are quite natural, not

too too much and we can still

In the feature-rich edit there was Paypal at

Then there were others like that, right and when

we tested it at night, it turned out that

it was still okay with multi-objects, too, it’s

still really good. So, for

example, if you want to take a portrait, but it

‘s so crowded 2/ These 3 people can still

be used for the bokef feature. The trouble is, it’s

really natural, but it’s because of your

help, Dad, it’s not really from the

lens, so it’s really.




Or the quality of the camera is just good,

usually it’s not too cute, bro,

I want to buy it for my friend,

because my cellphone has had enough

errors, because maybe Mom here will definitely

like the design and I think that’s what

I’m discussing

about what How about this rhino safety, what do

you think. Try writing it in the

comments column. Personally, I don’t

know the official price for Siopo Rhinos evgenia.

So maybe at Mass I’ve updated the

price, I’ll show it or

put it in the description of this video, it’s free,

so you just have to wait for

the JVC Overdose price update, it’s lightening to

you guys like diesel if I’m bad and

don’t forget to press the

red subscribe button if for example you haven’t

subscribed to my channel. say

thank you see you in another video bye bye


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