Review Router TP-Link TL-WR740N Dan Upgrade Firmware TL-WR740N

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Welcome to the channel no OK

friends in this video we will

discuss a router, friends,

so this is a router that I just bought

second, friends, this is a

tp-link router TL wr740n opponent Previously, I

also discussed about the TP Link TL


his brother, yes and this is his brother, to

press this the price is quite

cheap, my friends, I bought this

one of the considerations is the

price is quite cheap and the function

is also not less good with TL

wr840n friends, so for

friends who have

regular internet needs, yes, no, those who are adventurous,

I think, this TL wr740n link, which is

the old series, is very very

supportive, friends, OK

, friends, please watch the video continuously

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Okay friends, let’s continue again

for my tp-link, this is tp-link 7 40 n

second, the price is quite

cheap, friends, for this price, it’s


70-80 thousand, I got the price

77004 Man, later, friends, please,

if you want to buy, just look for the link in

shopee or the shop on shopee, yes,

there are many available tp-link 7 40n

, friends, for the version of my tp-

link, this is version 4 and later

I will upgrade you guys

freeware friends, let’s go to the

tp-link first, TL wr740n,

hi, ok, here,

hi, this freeware can also

be upgraded to the same as the

840 version, this is mine, version 4

and this is in Indonesian

Friends, yes, 1

Hi, later we will upgrade to the

newest tp-link TL 244 which is

released in 2015 and there is no

update anymore, yes, the last one is the


15-01-2017 Wa How many years has it been

for tp-link Yes for tl-wr this

means maybe This first production is

around the date of publication for

the first freeware is

2013 friends, it’s been a long time, yes.

It’s been about nine years, it’s

been a long time, but for

this trip, I think it’s still

good enough to use and the speed

is still below but -link 8-40 n

if the eight 40n is 300mbps but

for this 7 40 it’s only

150mbps friends, yes and for this tp-link

TL wr740n this can be installed open

wrt as

well as dd-wrt friends, so it’s very

good Even though this is an old release, the

firmware can be upgraded to Open

wrt or dd-wrt. Let’s see

what freeware is in Open Wrt. Let’s look

for friends. Yes, there is the latest freeware,

Open wrt

22.03, here, is there no

lwr 7 40 n which is 21 try It’s not onok

in the year of open wrt

Hi TL wr740n

Hi here

hi ok nah This can be this friends

TL wr740n I have version

4.2 two Now this one, friends,

version 4 also impacts

20421 now this is mine, the 422 is

really good, dd-wrt can also be installed

on or updated the firmware to dd-wrt,

just go here dd-wrt TL wr740n

okay nah 7 40n hardware zip version 2 version

dedos work on version Try it we’re looking

again for the dd-wrt, it’s going to 40n.

Should be able to, my friends, look for it, try

on this database route, we’ll look for it if you

type it, don’t type tl-wr, which

can’t be found, if the tl-wr is like this 7 40n, sorry

for this model and WR, but it’s

tp-link here, just write

wr740n, the model is wr740n, now

I’m meeting friends, TP Link wr740n,

okay, here, see the TP-Link wr740n

ram, it turns out that it’s only 32 MB, it’s

very small, yes, and for this tp-link

the antenna is H1, this is only one, my friends

, it’s different from the 80n, there are already two

but this is only one. Then for the

port, this is the master pot, then the

other is 1234, maybe it’s on and

off, there’s also an OSS button, okay, here it is

, friends yes. Then for tp-link TL

wr740n this can be used too not to

expand, of course, to expand

the Wifi network, yes, by using a

cable or wirelessly,

friends, OK, now let’s go

to the setup of this tp-link, let’s

disconnect it from my internet

for freeware, I’ve

downloaded this, now let’s enter to this TP

link, yes, here for the

name, tp-link 979

d002, we will connect it, yes, for the PIN,

the main door is behind it, yes.

Now here it is, if I have

changed the pin, but for the initial connection,

use the existing PIN behind the

body of this tp-link, we’ll connect it.

Go to the settings

192.1 68.1.1.

Now for his wife, as usual, the admin, the


hi hi

hi hi,

let’s see friends, okay, domsav, yes

, here, friends, see

for the freeware version it’s

3.16.0 6, this is for versions

were wr740n version 4, then here it is, here

‘s a clone, make friends

clone MAC address, so if you

guys might want to

connect fish this tp-link to a

network, yes, but then friends’ mac-addresses

are blocked by the

main router, yes, to be able to re

-enter, friends, just change this Mac

address, so friends can re-enter

the WiFi source or main router

like that yes, then here it is

complete, yes, just stay in

the settings, friends, ok,

now I will upgrade the firmware, we will upgrade the

freeware from this tp-link,

yes, this is upgraded, OK, then click on

browse the


in 2015

yes then click Open Ok then we

click update

Oh yes

the Processing Please wait until the

device restarts Ok let’s wait

until it restarts



yes and able to connect Ok now we

connect again friends here

tp-link 979 d00 OK let’s connect it,

it’s directly connected, let’s see it



68.1.1 hi, okay, here, straight to

English, yes, this is actually

t p-link is the Indonesian version, so for the

primary, the Indonesian version of freeware is in

Indonesian and this

freeware version has changed, yes, to

the latest or the latest version, yes, it

can also be used for parental control for

access control. Then for bandwidth

control, friends, you can

control each other’s benefits. -each

device, friends, OK, this is versatile,

friends, the price is cheap and also

very good, it’s normal, it’s not inferior

to the eight 40n, although it’s still

150mbps for speed support,


I think it’s enough because at least

my internet is only 20mbps, so

it’s still very that’s enough,

friends, okay, like that, for a

quick glance about the TL wr740n, maybe this

can be a reference for friends who

want to find a route with a

cheap price Hi, but the setting is not

too difficult, friends,

thank you guys for watching this video

from start to finish Don’t forget to

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new video from that channel no thank you

wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh see you again in the next



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