Super Cheap Router For Access Point to Zyxel Router

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Welcome again to that channel no OK

friends here there is already a

router, this route is Rizieq, my friends

and Luther, I bought a typical Banyuwangi

and the price is very cheap, I

bought 40 thousand friends, okay?

please, friends, just search in

the online shop, friends, just look for

the tortured crew. There is a line that costs 40,

some 60, some 80 around that

Erpan, yes, I got this for 40006

Mun, it didn’t come with an adapter, so

I only got the unit.

Friends, you want to buy something like me,

this is just the unit. Later, you

have to buy another adapter. If you

don’t have an adapter, for example

, check this, it’s suitable, because it

‘s a big model, so

later if you buy, make sure

friends at home have an adapter that has



power a tp-link or if you

have a tent, it doesn’t fit here

, friends, because the PIN is a bit large,

the output adapter is 12 volts

1ampere If I’m not mistaken Middle ampere

Yes for this cell the model is

p660hn pheifer Z2 we will use this

as an access point so we can

use this to expand the network, but we

need to use a LAN cable

, friends, so later the cable is

plugged into this internet source for

the cells to redistribute later

for WiFi, it can’t be used as a

repeater or wsp, yes, if Twitter or

wsp it can be done later without LAN cable But

if you have to use a LAN cable,

so it can only be used as an ape access

point, yes, but that’s okay

for a router at this price with

sufficient capability to

redistribute this WiFi, I think

that’s enough oil with 40 thousand,

we have can I have a router to

serve as an access point out

OK, I’ll set it up for this six-l,

yes, as an acce ss point which I will

connect to the internet source on

my modem which is from indihome honor

Oh yes, for the

back it’s like this, huh So there’s

a Lan port port type TV then this is a

DSL pot then there’s a reset button there’s on-off

there’s a power plug Like what’s the way to

set the ap to be rooted, this catfish tormented

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Okay our friends continue again 20

friends who want to make

this router or tormented this catfish as an

access point please later friends

also prepare another cable later it will

be connected to the Lan port here

I have connected it for my Lan, coincidentally

on the 1st floor, yes or in the one

capability pot off, you can connect it to 1/4 2/3,

yes, it’s been connected to the

Lan port on your PC or laptop, friends,

this is mine I’ve also connected it

to the LAN port on the PC for this Zyxel. If

I’m not mistaken, this is a 300mbps opportunity

to finish this, I’ll reset it first,

so it’s best if you

just buy a used router, if you’re not

sure about the settings, you can reset

it first

, just wait until How many lights are on

Hey you can see

Hi Well,

Hey, it’s off OK, it’s going to restart itself

Hi, looks like Naya restarted itself

or yes, OK, let’s wait until

everything turns on like before, DSL WiFi power

then the others have turned on LAN,

Hi, it looks like it’s temporary, OK, not yet


OK, wait a minute,

hey, OK, now he’s ready to be

tortured, yes, for the other power or

the Lanina light is on, it means my LAN cable

is in Portland, then

we access the settings via the browser,

friends, now it’s plugged in,

because there’s no internet yet so the

network is no internet for my WiFi,

I connect it, disconnect it first, let’s

access it here for se This one uses the

IP address

192.1 68.1.1

254 okay, well, like that, you have entered

the Zyxel router settings or web

interface from route six-l,

now we click login. Now, here for the

login, there are two kinds, the first

is using the admin username and

password. admin for

admin username and adminid password u

can’t set the settings on

One Hotel, it’s really needed

later, yes, because we’ll try to

use the admin admin first,

friends, this is admin, then there’s an

admin as

well as the password, hi, okay, like that, let’s see

now it’s set up here

Hi Now for quantity Yes when we

enter Settings on it all turns off if

using the admin admin here it turns

off, the phone can’t

be changed Okay for WiFi, you can change


Hi, change the SSID you can also change the password


Hi, but this board, even though this is

very important later for setting up this cellphone, it has to

go through Wan so later we will

use the username and For other passwords,

we logout first, we change the

username, this is support. Now, this is

support for whitening like this, it is

support. Then for the password, the


hi, In Your Hand, is small, all without spaces,

yes, the world In Your Hand, which means that the

world exists. in your hand

it’s like that maybe if you use this username

that supports and the password is the world

In Your Hand This can only be

adjusted for the color, we go to

setup, now we set it up, we

go first to one, we see,

now everything is on The settings

, friends, haven’t been done before.

Now, let’s take a look at IPv6 here,

just choose the sealed one,

OK. Then for Ice, choose

the bridges mode, okay, did you

want to save or don’t save, it’s up to you

, friends, it doesn’t have any effect

If it’s like this, friends,

just click play, just fly right away

, if it’s started now, go

back to set up, here’s the setup settings

, friends, choose which is WiFi or WiFi

Okay, then here, friends, choose

the channel selection. I want to choose

manual. Then because of this eul,

just choose 5, then

friends, enter multiple cells,

multiple sessions are set to authentic,

I just change the mode to WPA,

personal wpa2 this is OK, then

the TKI mode encryption is correct. Then

for ssj6, I just changed it, yes, SS

j6, I changed it





okay. we have

clicked apply again, then we go back

to set-up then go to LAN like that,

then on this DHCP server we

just disable it Okay, it’s easy, we click apply Ok

it looks like yes Now this means that you

have become friends for setting

six-l or it’s tormented The line is an up

access point that is used to expand

the internet network using a LAN cable.

Yes, of course, friends, this

is ready Later on, we just

plug in another cable, the LAN cable

on this PC, I’ll take it off later I’ll connect it

or Hi, eat to a router with

internet I happen to be using

Indihome Lantis, this means I’m

connecting to my indihome router okay,

friends, I’ve connected it,

because it’s a bit far for the indihome router

, so what I cut on the camera is

just this, yes, we connect it to

this XL SSID, yes, for this SSID it has

appeared and there is a padlock sign, this

means we already have a password, click on it

then we will connect it later here,

enter the pain from router label yuselly

edj now, let’s change it

using a security key instead,

what was the internet, the password,

I hope it’s wrong

on the internet, okay, let’s see

Hi I’m going up Yes, we’ll wait

until it connects OK, it’s

connected, let’s see if the

internet is running or not or not

it’s already here, it wants to load or

not Yes, it looks like we’ve

tried it once Yes, yes, this is it

, ready to face this challenge, it’s

running smoothly, bro, it’s warm, very good.

Great, welcome to the

idea channel or not. Okay, friends, for

videos, I’ve discussed this before

, it’s great to be able to walk, fast,

friends, who responded now

it’s really easy, friends, for

zyxel, okay, thank you, friends,

for watching this video from start to

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or not thank you wassalamualaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh see you

again in the next video


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